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Nutriplus BBCA

Nutriplus BBCA is a joint venture between the company Nutriplus and BBCA - the greatest Chinese state-owned citric acid manufacturer holding 20% of the world market, besides of producing vitamins A, B, C and E.

The partnership between BBCA and Nutriplus was born due to the recognition by the Chinese company of the boldness and strategy showed by the Brazilian company in facing the world economy by establishing several international branch offices and exploiting new markets in Latin America and Europe, thus extending the logistics capacity and the know-how of Nutriplus in the food sector.

With its headquarters in Shanghai, Nutriplus BBCA exports foodstuffs from the Mercosur countries to the Chinese market.

Within the scope of works, the joint venture Nutriplus BBCA aims to reduce transportation, storage and cargo security costs originated in Latin America by means of a new business route that privileges the distribution throughout Continental China.

A Nutriplus BBCA is a company from JLJ Group,which for more than 30 years working with principles of honesty, work, credibility and competence.


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Nutriplus BBCA Novik Street, 163, Bairro Olaria, Salto/SP, Brasil.
55 (11) 4602.7200 | 4602.9300

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